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Hi, My name is Patrick Ryan,

Thanks for taking a minute to read this... I have  something that

I'd like to show you that's a little bit different and quite unique. Over the years I've become well aware that the 2 biggest problems that people have with carpet cleaning in Bethel Park and South Hills areas are.. It takes Forever to dry, and the spots keep coming back.

If one of those rings a bell with you... You can rest easy because this new system Eliminates those two concerns.

This unique system uses 90% less water than other systems. It actually wipes the soil off the fibers, leaving the carpet dry in just minutes, not hours or days so you can get back to normal operations and business as usual very quickly. It also leaves NO STICKEY RESIDUE So it stays clean much longer than traditional cleaning methods!

As an added plus, we use 100% Green cleaning products that are safe for the environment and you, your family and pets can have the Cleanest Healthiest Carpet Ever!

​​​Ryan's Cleaning Service​


​Fast Dry Green Carpet Cleaning in Bethel Park and South Hills 

​​​​​​​Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Bethel Park and South Hills Pittsburgh

​​​Serving Pittsburgh Pa / Bethel Park  / Mt. Lebanon / Upper St. Clair / Castle Shannon / Peters Township / South Fayette / Cecil / Baldwin / Whitehall / Jefferson Hills / South Park / West Mifflin / Elizabeth / Belle Vernon / Monessen / Monongahela / Washington PA and more!

 Here's the Full Service that you can expect if and when you decide to put your trust in me to clean your carpets:

1st - We'll pre-inspect your carpeting:

Every carpet is thoroughly inspected before cleaning to asses its condition and determine the most effective cleaning process.

2nd - We'll pre-vacuum your carpeting:

Your carpeting is pre-vacuumed to remove the insoluble dry soil. This is an integral part of the cleaning process to ensure a super clean carpet


3rd - We apply our specially formulated pre-spray cleaning agent: Our pre-spray is non-toxic, biodegradable and best of all it's green so its perfectly safe.

4th - We'll pre spot:

Difficult spots are treated with special solutions to increase the chances for removal.

5th - We perform soil extraction:

We use our special patented absorption system that absorbs all the soils and oils from the entire carpet fiber. This system uses 90% less water and leaves the carpet dry within minutes!!!

6th - We'll treat the worn fiber areas with our patented polymer:

As carpets get worn they get scratched and abraded, we fill the scratches in with a special polymer to help reflect the light so they don't look as worn.

Lastly... We treat the carpet with the most advanced carpet protector on the market! 

Our EPA registered green carpet protector, will not only keep your carpets SPARKLING CLEAN longer... It has built in anti-allergens which the entire home or office will appreciate.

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